Project Pricing FAQ

Creating your project is a lot like building a house from scratch. Building requires a series of decisions and at the beginning your first choice may be along the lines of “I need this in my project, how much does it cost?” or “I have X dollars, what can I get for that?”

Here’s some info to get you started!

If you provide a recorded voiceover file and a copy of your script:

$495 per minute for Whiteboard animation

$995 per minute for 2D animation

$1250 per minute for Live Action editing and/or combined with animation

I only charge $75 per minute for my voiceover which is cleaned up, edited, and recorded on MXL V67 in a soundproof room.   (You can hear it on the project samples on this site.)

If you do not like this option and cannot provide a finished voiceover, we can use an AI voice or discuss options for recording yours or someone of your choosing.    There are a lot of ways to go!

Scriptwriting costs $150 per finished minute of project.

If I am writing completely from scratch i.e. you do not have an outline or bullet points or other data, research and development costs an additional $150 per finished minute of project.

Live video editing includes things like color correction (a must) and, depending on your source footage, resizing and other corrections.  It also usually requires more audio editing.

You will have approvals at every stage, however, approvals vary with the services you need.

In general, when you first receive your finished video, you have two rounds to make changes to animation, timing, sound effect, and music.

If you also need scriptwriting, for example, you will get a draft script and then have two rounds to make changes to that before the project even proceeds to the rest.

Approvals will be spelled out in our letter of agreement when we start to work together.   If you need special approvals built in (a client of your own or a tricky boss) or you need time for getting other approvals, I can build that in too.  Let’s discuss.

After we have discussed the parameters of your project, I will send you a deal memo (a 1 page agreement) laying out what will be delivered and your deadlines.   You pay 50% when you sign and work then begins.  You pay the balance when you receive your video and are fully satisfied.

You will be delivered a flash drive with your high-definition video in MP4 along with any other elements used to create your project.   Also, I will post it up online to a website of your choosing if you give me the login credentials or make it available for download on mine.

There can be extra fees if you:

  • Want delivery in less than a week or move up our agreed upon deadline.
  • Request more than two rounds of changes to the animation, editing, timing, sound effect, music of your complete video.
  • Want to extend the runtime of an existing project because you have new information to include or are changing your concept.