Very exciting times here! Looks like shooting will start on the Caregiver Project in August! We’re just waiting on the delivery of the new Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera and to get a chance to test it out. If it’s not quite up to what we need for shooting – the battery life on the current Black Magic Cinema Camera is troublesome – we might just go with the Panasonic HPX250 for its terrific codec.

The Europeans have been so much more proactive about standardizing the tech requirements as we enter the file delivery age for programming. Like so many other filmmakers, I love DLSRs but most of the current crop of DLSRs only output AVCHD when you’re shooting on the fly to cards. They’re great if you’re in a studio and can output through HDMI but that’s not how it works when you’re following the action on a documentary. And there’s no point in getting the lovely film look of shallow depth of field if its going to get the beauty compressed out of it.