I am Maryann, a New York-based veteran of the film and television business. These days I specialize in explainer video production and video & audio editing.

When you work with Elm Films, you get me working for you – no anonymous subcontractors.

I’ll help you deliver ROI on your media and website investments.

What is an Explainer Video?

…And why do I need one?

These days it is hard to get attention AND retain it long enough to get your message across.

An explainer video does the job!   It is both brief and created with the specific purpose of explaining a product, service, or concept to your targeted audience.  Explainer videos can be live action (a real person in front of camera) or animated (fun!) or a combination of both.  They are often under 5 minutes in length with a majority around 2-3 minutes but some can be as long as 10 if your topic requires it.

Explainer videos have several benefits, including:

  1.  Increased engagement: An explainer video can capture and hold a viewer’s attention more effectively than text or static images.
  2. Clear communication: Explainer videos use visuals and audio to convey complex ideas or processes in a way that is easy to understand and remember.
  3. Brand awareness: A well-made explainer video can help to establish your brand identity and create a lasting impression with your audience.
  4. Increased conversions: By providing a clear and concise explanation of your product or service, an explainer video can increase the likelihood that viewers will take action and make a purchase or sign up for your service.
  5. Cost-effective marketing: Creating an explainer video can be a cost-effective way to promote your brand, as it can be shared on multiple platforms and used in a variety of marketing campaigns.

Recent Projects

From the Helena Strauss explainer series “Mastering Multiple Myeloma” (in production throughout 2023)

An example of work for the charity Hope Children’s Fund.


Every client and every project has its own unique requirements.  When you decide to bring your project to me, we’ll discuss which services best provide for your project’s needs.


You can provide your own outline and/or bullet points or I can start from scratch with research and development.  See below.

Research & Development

When you know you have to say something but you don’t know at all what to say, we start here.


I do voiceovers too!  You can hear me in the videos linked on this page.

Copy Writing & Editing

I write from scratch or polish your copy as required.  With zing.

Video Editing & Animation

Both live action and animation make effective explainers.  Animation is  available as whiteboard, 2D animations, or graphics.  Mixes of live action and animation also often used.

Live Action Shooting

HD shooting of interviews, stand-ups, testimonials and B-roll material as necessary.  Only available in the NYC and Long Island area.

Music & Sound FX

I supply royalty-free music and effects at no additional charge.

Web Design

I offer simple and clean web design as seen on this site.

About Maryann

Maryann Manelski began her career at the Bottom Line nightclub in New York City while earning a BFA in Film and Television from Tisch School of the Arts at New York University and interning at places like MTV.  She went on to work at the William Morris Agency (now WME) and produce for various video divisions at Atlantic Records, Time Warner and BMG Entertainment.

In 2000, she started Elm Films and worked as a DVD producer, creating many of the special bonus features that DVD fans came to love like featurettes and commentary tracks.  She also supervised the restoration and transfer of classic foreign and art films from 35mm films to HD video.

As the popularity of DVDs waned, Maryann and Elm Films shifted towards production of educational films for colleges and universities which included the personal projects, Running in High Heels, and more recently, the Secret Maps Project, a suite of films for grief counselors as well as those who have experienced a loss of a loved one.  You can see more about her personal work at survivingloss.org.  Her educational film work has now evolved into the modern medium of explainer videos.


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